It was  just another boring intergalactic pizza delivery run for Peter Zahboi until the Pizza Pirates  attacked. Get your ship back up and running, defeat the mysterious Pizza Pirates, uncover an intergalactic pizza conspiracy and most importantly recover the lost pizza and deliver it to the customer within the 30 minute delivery window.

WASD/Arrows - Move/Aim
J/X - Shoot
K/Z - Jump
L/C - Swap weapons
P/Enter - Pause / Skip cutscene

*Also has gamepad support (based on Xbox controller scheme)
Left Analog/D-Pad - Move/Aim
A - Jump/Confirm
X - Shoot
Y - Swap weapons
B - Cancel
Start - Pause / Skip cutscene

+ 4 progression items spread across 3 diverse map areas
+ Health/ammo power-ups
+ 2 bosses
+ All the pizza you could ever want!

This game made and all associated assets were developed during the Metroidvania Month 9 Jam.  I hope to continue working on the game beyond the jam and release a full version eventually.

SzechuanSteve - Lead Design, Programming, Art & Sound
Tim Przybylinski - Music & Sound
Dan McQuade - Character design & dialogue


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Great short metroidvania! I'd say it's mix of Megaman and Metroid :D

I got all main upgrades then 3 health upgrades + 3 missile expansions, I think that should be all ;)

Speaking of upgrades, there's a bug which caused all health upgrades to reappear even though I've taken those before. Skipped them though to prevent bug.

Thank you for playing and leaving a comment! Glad you enjoyed it :) 

I think you might have missed one optional missile expansion back in the swamp area past the plant boss (you need the water mobility upgrade to be able to reach it). Other than that, it sounds like you got everything. Congrats! :D

Hmm I did run into a similar issue towards the end of the jam where upgrade items were respawning , but thought I had fixed it. I'll look into it and make sure to patch it out in future iterations of the game.

Thanks again for the feedback! :)